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SuNiNaTaS have 15 games : Web(8), Cracking(4), Forensic(3)
Skill level is medium.
We are good hackers.
Sites origin country Korea, Republic Of
Language Korean
Category Tags Exploit, Cracking, Research
Site Admins suninatas
Auto update no
Has OnSiteRank yes
WarBoxes 0
Score 16425
Base-Score 10000
Users 6976
Challs 32
Linked users 325
Average 47.92%
Difficulty 50.00%
Enjoyment 100.00%
Latest 2 active Players, ordered by last update (14d)
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Totalscore: 317044
Posts: 33
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RE: Comments on SuNiNaTaS
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Hi, the site is offline since a month?
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