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The HES/NSC 2013 challenges. Still available thanks to Steven from!
No Such Con 2013
Sites origin country France
Language English
Category Tags Realistic, Warbox
Site Admins Steven
Auto update yes
Has OnSiteRank no
WarBoxes 1Show Wargames
Score 7500
Base-Score 10000
Users 0
Challs 0
Linked users 65
Average 0.00%
Difficulty 50.00%
Enjoyment 50.00%
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RE: Comments on No Such Con 2013
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The challenges from HES2013 and NSC2013 are still available.
Brought to you by Steven!

All who had an account on (?:nsc|hes) have to check out their new username.
It is either the old name, or prefixed by "NSC_"
You can figure out your new username by studying the NSC scoreboard
All old NSC/HES Users have to go to the PasswordForgot procedure, because i used a different pepper for the password hashes.
If you want to merge your NSC_ account, simply resolve, if it´s too much trouble, i will code something up.

I am sorry for the inconvinience, and wish you
Happy Challenging!
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RE: Comments on No Such Con 2013
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Site seems down. Warbox resolves to and seems to have no mention of the challenges.
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