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A Black Hats Tale (Cracking, Crypto, Storyline)

You woke up for another gray day, and noticed that your bank account is empty as it is for months. You need some quick easy money, so you join some "darknet" irc channels in order to speak with people, who are able to give you some "not fully legal" job. Your new boss wants you to hack into a small bank infrastructure, and transfer money from one account to another. Easy job, huh?

You drive with your van to the bank's main office, and setup your favourite wireless sniffing tool. Wow, it looks like they are using some WPA network. Let's sniff some data, and try to crack the WPA password with some dictionary attack.

Bug report: some older versions of ***crack-*g are unable to crack the password, be sure to use the latest (rc1 is known to be working).
Please enter the WPA key here:
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