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CGX#1: PHP + Eclipse (Encoding, Training, CGX)

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CGX#1: PHP + Eclipse - Develepment
Hello future Hackers,

gizmore, rain and x proudly present:... @Codinggeex
Our new YouTube channel to spread some IT/dev "knowledge"!

This is our first video tutorial, and we talk about installing a PHP development environment alá gizmore.

You can take a look at the drafts on WeChall and on GitHub,
and you can find more videos on on YouTube

EDIT: We redid the first video; TakeTwo is definately better than our first tryouts and will be released soon.

Happy Challenging!
- gizmore, rain and x
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This challenge is just a video tutorial for real beginners. You can press here to mark it as solved.
# CGX#1: PHP + Eclipse

This is our first lesson.
We show how to setup an
on a windows desktop.
We will code in PHP, with the Eclipse IDE, and install and play with a debugger,
so we can tackle complex programs more easily, later on.

So... *who* are **we**? :)

## Codinggeex

Mentor: [](

Newbie: [](

Novice: [](

### Installed software

1) [git4windows](

- we will have git on windows \o/
- A better shell with some Linux commands
- git \o/

2) [PHP](

- stand-alone executable
- add to env PATH
- TS / NTS - Thread Safety

3) [Eclipse PDT](

- 2022 version is canceled?
- Slow and bloated
- But solid and gets the job done
- Used to it
- There are other options. VSC, Jetbrains

4) [X-Debug](

- php.ini

### Test It

Hello World CLI!

- breakpoints via gui
- PHP `xdebug_break();`
- JS - F12 - debugger;
- Variables
- Callstack
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