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really brainfuck?  Go to the Brainfucked challenge

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really brainfuck?
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Hi, I'm trying this one but I don't understand how to transform it in brainfuck langage?
In brainfuck langage, there is 8 chars []<>+-.,
In this text, you have 6 chars. Obviously, I think ., is not there.
And [] is not [] because there is infinite loop if it will be the case.
So I'm a little bit lost.
Do I have to find an other langage?
Or I have to replace some chars like I try?
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RE: really brainfuck?
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This has nothing to do with the Brainfuck language.
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RE: really brainfuck?
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I did find the parent project for this obfuscation. Does this mean I've to de-obfuscate it myself?

All the hint I'm getting is : 18 and
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RE: really brainfuck?
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If you can get the solution without it, then that's fine too. ;)
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RE: really brainfuck?
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I think I know what it is but my brain hurts lol
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