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Scoring on WeChall
This page describes the scoring on WeChall.

Currently, each site has a certain score that depends on three factors:

1. The base score for the site.
2. The number of challenges on that site.
3. How well our users do on that site.

Electrica's base score is 10000 (default value, adjustable by admins).
Because it has 44 challenges a score of 25 * 44 = 1100 is added to that to get to 11100.On average our users have completed 42% on that site.
The score for that site then becomes base+base-avg*base, or
11100 + 11100 - 4662 = 17538 points.
So the harder a site is the more points it generates.

The score of a site determines how much rankpoints for WeChall you get.

Imagine Peter has got 30000 points on HackQuest, from a maximum of 100000 points.
This means Peter has solved 30% on Hackquest.
This percentage p is adjusted with a formula pow(p,1+100/97) that makes higher percentages relatively worth more than lower percentages. The 100 is an admin-adjustable factor and 97 is the number of challenges on HackQuest.
So on WeChall he gets 9% (pow(30%,2.03)) of the HackQuest sitescore for that.
HackQuest currently has a score of 19698, so Peter gets 1708 rankpoints.

The admins can manually adjust the base score for sites.
It may be possible that a site with less or easier challenges may get a lower score than a site with lots of difficult challs.

Don't hesitate to ask on the forum if any of this is unclear to you.