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this `` has challenges for web, system, reversing, etc.. i will trying to add more challenges, have a lotta fun! (all challenges provide korean and english.)
Sites origin country Korea, Republic Of
Language Korean
Category Tags Programming, Cracking, Exploit, Crypto
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Difficulty 75.00%
Enjoyment 75.00%
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Cheer up~ > _<//
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Site is dead
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드림핵에서 wargame.kr을 활용해주시기로 해주셨습니다!
정말 감사드립니다~!!!!

사이트 바로가기 :

드림핵 공지사항 : 공지

--- 서비스가 (임시..?)종료되었습니다.
매달 IDC에 서버비 대략 8만원정도 납부하면서 그냥 켜놓기만 하고 있었는데..
업데이트도 없이 이대로 유지하기에는 과연 크게 의미가 있나 싶기도 하고.. T.T
금액적인 부담은 별개로 일단(?) 서비스를 내리도록 하겠습니다.
하핫, 지금 보니 도메인만기도 2024년까진데.. 뭐.. 여유도 좀 생기고 하면 다시... 으음,..

대학원 들어갔을때부터 조금씩 조금씩 문제도 만들고 본업과는 별개로 소소하게 운영하는 재미가 있었는데, 최근엔 업뎃은 커녕 사이트 들어온지도 언제인지 모르겠네요.. ㅜㅜ
언제가 될지 모르겠지만 추후 서비스 오픈하면 다시 뵙도록 하겠습니다.

그동안 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다.

- (2011.07.02 ~ 2021.10.26)

Quote from GoogleTranslator
DreamHack decided to use!
Thank you so much~!!!!

Go to site:

Dream Hack Notice : Notice

--- service has been (temporarily..?) terminated.
I paid about 80,000 won for a server fee to IDC every month and just turned it on...
I wonder if it's really meaningful to keep it as it is without an update... TT
Separately from the financial burden, we will lower the service first (?).
Haha, I see now that the domain expires by 2024... Well... if I have some spare time, I'll do it again... Ummm...

Since I entered graduate school, it was fun to make problems little by little and run small business separate from my main job.
I don't know when it will be, but I'll see you again when the service opens later.

Thank you for your love so far.

- (2011.07.02 ~ 2021.10.26)

Set status to "dead forever".
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If someone needs hosting we can find a way?
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