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mjo @Tejmal: Yes, me.
lionyouko im on the first stage yet, level 21, but forgot some keys, and now need start on 16
WeChall I am not able to complete any challanges.. it says "Bots Are Not Allowed". I am not a bot. (-_-)
gizmores sometimes pages turn into ro for me as well although i am not a bot :(
Redknee 30
1342570122 is there b.aim for playray/playforia still available somewhere`?
soen 30
Yuriko Hello everyone
4087057804 hi guys, any advice tobegin with wargamz
zen0c1de :)
zen0c1de I try to solve Warchall - The Beginning, but I can't connect with SSH because of this error "shell request failed on channel 0"