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Vermeer (Logic, Image, Stegano)

A paranoid friend has sent me a message, but in his paranoid mind he forgot to tell me how to decode it.
If Picasso got a computer he would know what to do!
What can I do now?
Here is the message
S43x16a20x12d10x14l40x15y25x11,25x14 26x13t20x14h15x15i40x14s28x10 10x13i31x16s12x12 40x13n12x13o25x13t21x10 43x14t17x10h12x11e37x13 37x16m27x15e31x13s17x13s42x10a25x10g20x10e20x15 27x11y10x15o17x12u26x12 36x13a43x13r17x11e42x13 42x16l31x15o16x10o25x12k22x16i17x14n34x15g35x12 16x13f40x12o34x13r12x16 22x10:42x14(40x10 11x13T31x12r10x16y37x12 25x16f34x10u10x10r15x16t17x15h15x14e26x14r37x10!20x16o10x12o40x16o20x13o15x13o43x10o31x14o35x11o20x11o35x13o41x16o15x11o31x10o40x11o43x15o12x14o37x11o41x10o34x11o37x14o34x16o34x14o31x11o34x12o17x16o12x10o28x16o12x15o15x10o10x11o37x15o36x14o21x16o25x15o36x15o15x12
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