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RE: odd
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thank you , and you are the welcome , we can converse , I will send you an invitation or you send me an invitation. Are you , often online? when are you online?

I am obsessed by philosophy , psychology poetry and human sciences .

I am obsessed by computer science and logic. But I am still far too weak , superficial , ignorant , I am conscious that I am very ignorant in all fields . I am distorted and what is more important is that I am disunited , I am divided and I am in darkness. I am in sleep , a slept creature. Anyway

I come to the conviction that all these sciences are evolved in one science which is hacking

Plato said : philosophy is the mother of all sciences but I say : Hacking is the mother of all sciences

Hacking the art of penetration. Breaking the security system is a wrong term in hacking instead we better use the term "Penetrating the security system". Breaking is more military and used in Martial Arts.

In psychology the word Breaking can be used to denote Depression . Besides it can denotes the normal public vulgar concept of phenomena which is not based on a scientific backgrounds and is a enemy of science.

to penetrate is to see through , to affect deeply, as by piercing the consciousness or emotions.
the art of penetration is the art of insight is hacking.
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RE: odd
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Quote from hertz
You smoked from the wrong place too ?
You just hang out with vbms, you guys would make a great couple.

thank you for having remembered me or at least made an opinion. i was realy tortured by the secret service with synthetic telepathy. in perhaps 20 years when its public you will know what that is. mind control if your interested in hearing about the tec that will replace keyboard and computer monitors Smile
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